Life in its wholeness and in all its forms is what we highly value and strive to protect and preserve.  Every living being in this world faces problems and issues because they face limitations in their quest to experience its fullness. So our aim is to work on those limitations and enable life to be experienced in its fullness.


Unity is the fundamental structure in this whole wide universe that binds life in all its forms such as plant life, animal life and human life to coexist. It is diverse and yet very inclusive!


An idea is a thing that comes to mind before a person takes an action whether it is good or bad. And it has shaped the kind of world that we experience and live today. But it is abstract and not physical where we cannot see, feel and touch. Therefore, when dealing with it one has to be very careful and give greater considerations to its host


Learning is the natural and fundamental process of life. Living things started as babies and learn to grow and live. The learning process plays an important role in how they live and experience their lives. So it plays an important role when you are obliged to serve life and the issues that affect it.


Knowledge is the outcome of the learning process, it is the result of learning as the fundamental process of life. When one has a greater extent of knowledge, it enables them to experience life and lives it in a much fuller way.


The following effect on the learning process and the acquisition of knowledge is one’s conduct, behaviour or attitudes. Greater awareness through knowledge of a specific subject will enable one to act in a specific way.