Photo by Max Fischer on Pexels.com

We value learning as a fundamental process of life as if there are no alternatives to it. We are subjected to it as a living process and the process of our existence. There is no other way for us to live than to learn to live. Such were the underlying thoughts that push me to write about this world so that it can be documented and shared.

Another thing is that this world proposes to be a very perfect life, a life that I like to consider as lost hope and lost dreams to our living existence. It’s like the world that we like to have but wouldn’t be able to have. This drives me to document it so that there will be a possibility to learn about it and experience it. Like developing and establishing the learning process about this world as the natural process of human existence and all forms of life.

So after my second book which is yet to come, I will dive down further to develop the learning materials and the learning environment in which the people can have access to it. At this stage I presume the learning process and its environment to be very different from the ones we are currently having and will be a very expensive one.

But it is my goal to establish it so I will work on it. Like raising monies through the sales of my book and any other donations I can be able to secure. So the learning process of a perfect life will start from here with all its documentation.