As a student of public policy, I learn to view that government is the sole custodian of a nation-state and has the sole responsibility to cater for the issues that affect its citizens. Hunger, poverty, wars, and sickness or disease are issues and problems that can not be handled by an individual. As well as the measures and processes developed to help address and elevate them. It needs collaborative and united efforts from everyone.

These are pressing issues that affect everyone around the world and efforts have been raised at the international level collaboratively to address them particularly the Sustainable Development Goals or SDG. So it is like when I discover some of the wonders this world provides such as the possibility to eliminate all kinds of diseases, hunger or poverty, etc., I automatically linked it to the SDG and other goals considered as the responsibility of the government.

These issues and problems affect us at every level, at the government as well as at the individual level. And are inherent part of human life. But when I see the targets of the SDG and the kind of life it seems to portray, such as the complete elimination of hunger, I seem to find similarities to the discoveries I found in this all too powerful world. For example, there is a possibility of eliminating all kinds of sickness and diseases.

So I was amazed and was trying to fit my discoveries into that picture; if there is a possibility that hunger, poverty, and disease can be completely eradicated by this newfound world, and then I have to share and communicate these discoveries to the world. To help address these issues and achieve the kind of life that is portrayed in the SDG.