Books! Books! Books! This is the world of books. Thanks to the earlier inventors of writing which can be traced back to Mesopotamia (present-day Irag), Egypt, China to name a few. Because of that ability to write, we began to read from and henceforth our knowledge and awareness about things around us began to grow and develop.

Writing in itself is the art of the mind. It is an ability where we let our mind talk to us. Particularly, it enables us to translate the thoughts, ideas, and dreams in the threshold of our imagination to design, create, and shape the world in which we live today. It is rather a strange process, but this is how knowledge and information have passed down from generation to generation to the present day where our lives have become so advanced.

My works on writing is inspired by my Dad when I was younger. So it’s not a new thing to me or my family. One thing that got me to write this book is that eagerness to share with others my experiences about the newfound world mentioned in the book.

As a student at university, I found such awareness quite new and there might be a possibility that such a mysterious and powerful world is very complicated to define.

Nevertheless, I strongly believe that writing is the only possible tool available to clearly and accurately define it and share it with others. So I started writing Poetic Pacific which is a collection of my experience in poems. And I will write a second book which will be the actual account in a story form. I have already started it.

The Bookshelf will be the page where I will keep all my storybooks as well other books I plan to write which will be more specialized in defining and learning that all too powerful world.

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